Over the last 25 years, Planning & Design Group has developed our business by practicing a 7 point approach to the design process. We start with:

Strong Client Relationships - We believe in treating our Clients with professionalism & courtesy, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Good Listening Skills - The process starts with the initial client meeting to listen to their objectives and needs. Having good listening skills not only involves listening to what we hear audibly, but also includes visually observing body language, facial expressions, and the existing conditions.

Planning - "Form follows function". The planning process incorporates the information gathered from the listening process (also known as programming) and interprets our Client's needs into a space plan.

Design - Great design is not only beautiful, classic, and shows attention to detail, but its true measure is whether it has allowed the Client's business to succeed.

Documentation - As Licensed Interior Designers, we offer a complete set of Architectural construction documents and fully coordinated the documents of our MEP and Structural Engineering Consultants.

Construction - On-site observations verify the compliancy of the construction with the construction documents to ensure our Client's best interest.

Post-project Evaluation - Successful design meets and exceeds our Client's expectations. Our Client's recommendations are important to us.